Monday, March 4, 2013

Blog Review: Rachel Held Evans- Sunday Superlatives

I'm not actually going to review Rachel Held Evans' entire blog here- for one thing, she is incredibly popular already and probably doesn't need my help getting new readers.  But she has a habit that I've especially grown to appreciate- every Sunday she posts a list of "Sunday Superlatives", the best posts and stories from around the Internet she's found (or been recommended) about a variety of topics.  The posts she lists, always with a little context, are from a variety of viewpoints and are written by people from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common- they are always well-written.

If you want to think about current events from a point of view you never considered before, wander over to Rachel's blog on Sunday nights.

If you want to see faith journeys and encounters with God that you'd never manage to imagine for yourself, check out these weekly posts.

If you want to find new blogs to read, new thoughts to consider, new people to meet, this is a great place to go.

I know other sites and blogs that do posts like this on a regular basis, but this one is different.  On many of those sites and blogs, there's a streak of anger and cynicism that touches every list.  And the anger is certainly often justified, and the cynicism sadly is too, but that emotional tone tires me out after awhile, and I find I don't go back unless I'm looking for something specific.

This list is different.  The Superlatives, while, yes, sometimes include an angry or cynical post, consistently have a thread of life to them we often forget.  There is always room for hope in these collections, and that's what brings me back week after week.  Thanks be to God.

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